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In recent years, under the leadership of the CPC and CBA (China Bicycle Association), Donen has actively responded to the call to promote the development of the bicycle industry, adhered to the promotion of low-carbon environmental protection, and positively undertaken corporate social responsibility, personally involved in public welfare, love, environmental protection.
  • In 2021
    • In July 2021, we visited and cared of left-behind children, subsidize primary schools in the destitute areas of Anshun, Guizhou, visit destitute families, and donate living supplies;

      In September 2021, participate in Shenzhen Cross-border E-commerce Exhibition
  • In 2019
    • In May 2019, participated in the 29th Shanghai International Bicycle Show;

      In August 2019, participated in the 28th European Bike Show;
  • In 2018
    • In August 2018, participated in the 27th European Bike Show;
  • In 2017
    • In May 2017, participated in the 27th Shanghai International Bicycle Show;

      In August 2017, participated in the 26th European Bike Show;
  • In 2016
    • In January 2016, it reached a strategic cooperation with the China Cycling League (CCL), becoming a high-level strategic partner and the only designated apparel brand for the year of 2016;

      In February 2016, cooperated with China Mountain Bike Open Tournament (WTB), becoming the high-level strategic partner and the only designated apparel brand for the year of 2016;

      In March 2016, we sponsor the Qinghai Tianyoude bicycle team and theprofessional team. Donen is the only designated clothing brand for the two teams;

      In March 2016, we sponsor the Republic of Cyprus National Team and became the only designated clothing brand of the Republic of Cyprus National Cycling Team;

      In March 2016, Donen Malaysia branch was established, located in Penang Island, Penang State, Malaysia;
      In April 2016, sponsored and supported the Qiandao Lake Outdoor Riding Conference;

      In August 2016, participated in the 25th European Bike Show;
  • In 2015
    • In March 2015, established Donen Austria Branch and Donen- Hrinkow Cycling Team;

      In April 2015, established MIT-DONEN Team;

      In May 2015, sponsored Xiamen Univeristy United Team;

      IN May 2015, established TREK-YAKIMA-DONEN Team ;

      In May 2015, participated in the 25th Shanghai International Bicycle Show;

      IN June 2016, sponsored and supported the 60th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between China and Denmark, a charity cycling event;

      In August 2015, participated in the 24th European Bike Show;

      In September 2015, the first MIT Tour of Taihu Lake Tournament hosted by Donen , with more than 1,000 applicants, and the event was a complete success;

      In October 2015, we sponsored and supported the horse-riding Jixi-Shanghai ultra-long distance endurance race. The number of participants exceeded 1,500 and the race was successful;

      In December 2015, Donen and HRINKOW Intercontinental Team reached a cooperation and became the annual clothing sponsor;
  • In 2014
    • In May 2014, established Donen- TXJ Amateur Cycling Team. This team achieved excellent results in Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei region, and won the TOP3 many times;

      In June 2014, invited by CBA to participate in "One Earth, Green" cycling activity held by the United Nations Embassy;

      In November 2014, awarded the Outstanding Contribution Award of CBA and “Enterprises Model” title;
  • In 2013
    • In May 2013, responded the call of China Light Industry Association and Chi Heng Fundation, donated to the AIDS orphans in China;

      In June 2013, “ Low Carbon Action, Riding In China”, donated to 18 Hope Schools in poor mountainous areas of Northwest China;

      In August 2013, established Taiwan KHS DONEN Team, focusing on Southeast Asia and Taiwan local events;

      In October 2013, established the Philippines 7-Eleven DONEN Team, focusing on Southeast events;
  • In 2012
    • In March 2012,sponsored Malak Cycling Team;

      In April 2012, sponsored Heilongjiang Cycling Team, established cooperation with Heilongjiang Cycling and Fencing Training Management Center;

      In May 2012, sponsored the cycling of the Beijing-Hangzhou Grand Canal as a world Heritage site;

      In June 2012, sponsored the bike tour in Beijing-Tianjin-Heibei region;

      In July 2012, sponsored “GIANT CUP” cycling tour of Heibei Province

      In August 2012, sponsored “ Cycling China----Mohe Tour”

      In September 2012, became Directory Membership Unit of CBA;

      In September 2012, sponsored Lin Junhong----the Champion of women’s UCI Track Cycling World Championships, Ji Jianhua---the champion of National MTB;
  • In 2011
    • In March 2011, joined the China Bicycle Association (CBA) as an enterprise member;

      In September 2011, sponsored Disabled Sports Team of Hebei Province, called on cooperation enterprises to raise donations.